Even More Sketchbook Sketches


Here are two more pages from my sketchbook.  Van-tassel-basket (Spelled, VanTassel-Baska) is the name of the author of a book on gifted and talent education.  It’s a really funny name and I believe  I wrote it on that page to use as a character’s name at some point.  The guy with the monocle could be Van-tassel-basket, he looks like a Van-tassel-basket.  Van-tassel-basket to the rescue!

Sketchbooksketches Yetanothersketchbookpage

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Two pages from my sketchbook.

These are two pages of some strange creatures and robots from one of my sketchbooks.  sketchcreaturesandrobots copy StrangeCreature copy

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Time Traveling To Ancient Greece

My time travelers have arrived in 432 B.C. in Athens, Greece.  The Parthenon and other parts of the Acropolis are visible behind the market.  I included a statue of Athena in the foreground and in the far background there is also a colossal bronze statue of  Athena that was originally in the center of the Acropolis.  The colossal statue of the protector of Athens was reported to have survived until 1203 when it was destroyed by a mob who thought she was bringing the city bad luck.
Ancient Greece copy

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Strange Creatures

This is a set of strange creature drawings I created.  I used pens and markers to make these sketches.  My favorite one is the creature with the Mohawk that is bounding out of the ferns at the bottom of the page.

Creatures copy

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Journey to Ancient Egypt

My time travelers have traveled to Ancient Egypt in roughly the year 1,500 B.C.  I had a great many choices to use as  illustrations for Ancient Egypt.  There are many excellent illustrations from children’s publishing companies that show life in Ancient Egypt.  I settled on a throne room scene.  I looked at throne room illustrations and some Conan the Barbarian comics to come up with my design.  In my drawing, dignitaries from other lands are coming to pay tribute to Thutmose III, the mighty pharaoh of Egypt, and his co-regent, his stepmother Hatshepsut, who is watching by his side.

AncientEgypttimetravel copy

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Here There Be Pirates

This is an illustration from a few years ago that I never posted on my blog.  I created the illustration with oils and acrylics.  I have an undying affection for pirates.  I’ll have to post some new work as soon as I can make some new drawings.  I’m busy with baby stuff, baby showers, mom moving and end of the school year activities.  Life seems to be a quick succession of busy moments.  

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Adding Color to My Black and White Ink Work

These drawings are an illustration artistic experiment.  I’m learning how to add color in Photoshop to my black and white ink work.  I believe I’ll be able to come up with a faster more satisfying way to color my work.  My watercolors are not scanning the way I want, so Photoshop might work better.  I need to try something with more of a background.  The creature drawings are new, but the woman on the robot is a black and white drawing from a few months ago.  However, next time I’m going back in time.  So take me away, I don’t mind, but you better promise me I’ll be back in time.  Gotta get back in time!

Monstertest1 copy Monstertest3 copy Monstertest2 copy Robotwoman

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Time Traveling to Ancient Mesopotamia

My time travelers have arrived in Ancient Mesopotamia around 1,890 BC.  I drew the gates of Babylon behind them and an Assyrian Lamassu statue in the foreground.  The Lamassu  is a mythical Assyrian creature with a bull-lion’s body, eagle’s wings, and human’s head.  There is a Lamassu or two at the British Museum in London.  I remember seeing them years ago, they are very impressive.  Next time I draw my time travelers, they are off to Ancient Egypt.

AncientMesopotamia copy

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Attack of The Friendly Robots

In Photoshop I made a few illustrations by coloring some of my inked line drawings.  I made a happy mistake on the gray robot.  I accidentally dumped red color on the black lines; thought it created a nice effect, so I kept it.  I should try some more color work.  However, I have to get back to my intrepid time traveling kids.  It would not be kind to leave them stranded in the Ice Age.
GrayRobot copy RobotBlue copy RedRobot RedGrayRobot copy

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Ice Age Drawing

Here is another drawing with my two accidentally time traveling kids.  They ended up sixteen thousand years ago during the Ice Age.  I wanted to draw the fascinating animals, cave art, and people from that period of prehistory.   I ended up cramming all those elements together.  I will create a non-time traveling drawing next.   I’ll come back to my intrepid travelers.

IceAge copy

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