Feathered Serpent

I created a monster that referenced Aztec legends. The dangerous looking beast is a feathered serpent monster like Quetzalcoatl. This sketch is another one in a series I did for a friend’s project.

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5 thoughts on “Feathered Serpent

  1. Ben says:

    Looks great! I really like the Inca/Mayan sort of motif you’ve had going on recently.

    • Thanks, Ben. I’ve always had an interest in non-western cultures. Still, this motif is not half as good as your legendary Rob with tube sock popcorn bag motif.

  2. Nathan says:

    I wish the Aztec religion was still in vogue. It was so peaceful . . . full of love and understanding. Their neighbors loved them too. “Hey, fellow Mayans, the Aztecs are going door-to-door. Yea!” Bad, naughty Spanish. Bad, bad, bad.

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