Kitchen Sketch With Kittens

This is a sketch I created for Proctor Publications a long time ago for a children’s book that was never published. The story was about the adventures of a young cat. I like the detail I put into the background.

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4 thoughts on “Kitchen Sketch With Kittens

  1. Ben says:

    Dave… where are you? We need more pictures. Keep them coming!

  2. Nathan says:

    Cool picture. Wonder what the back story is? “Jack the Ripper lures unsuspecting prostitute back to his place with tales of cute feral kittens eating biscuits?” Great Victorian feel to the piece.

    • Nate,
      The author’s back story was more mundane. Something about a woman raising a litter of kittens. I can’t quite remember anymore. I think your Victorian Jack the Ripper tale is a more arousing tale of much greater interest.

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