My sketch of Lawrence of Arabia

This is my sketch of the great Thomas Edward Lawrence better known as Lawrence of Arabia. T.E. Lawrence was regarded as one of the last true heroes of the British Empire by Winston Churchill (According to the Rise and Fall of the British Empire by Lawrence James). Lawrence of Arabia helped topple the Ottoman Empire and had a profound effect on the making of the modern Middle East. When I was a kid, I had a great book called, Lawrence of Arabia. The book has impressive loose line illustrations by illustrator Gil Walker. The book is still proudly sitting on my book shelf.

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2 thoughts on “My sketch of Lawrence of Arabia

  1. Gil Willis says:

    I was doing a search on a old family friend Gil Walker and came across your sketch. I was wondering if you knew if Gil Walker is still living or any details on his life? My father was a close friend up until the early 60’s.

    Gil Willis

    • Gil Willis,
      I’m sorry, but I do not know Mr. Gil Walker, personally. I just admire his historical illustration work. I have one of the books he illustrated with his impressive loose line illustrations sitting on my bookshelf. When I was younger, I remember seeing a bunch of books he illustrated in his distinctive style. I hope you are able to find the information about Mr. Walker that you are looking for.


      David J.

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