Drawing of a jungle priestess

This is my drawing of a priestess in some dark dangerous jungle. She is caring a torch to light her way. I was influenced by the countless episodes of, “Lost” I watched. They sure enjoyed caring torches around on that show. I am going to post some scary and or spook drawing for the rest of October. Halloween is just around the corner.

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2 thoughts on “Drawing of a jungle priestess

  1. Nathan says:

    I think your princess might be on the way to a strip joint. At least tell me what church she belongs to so that I can join. I can also surmise her “Lost” local- somewhere in an Eritrea forest among the ruins of Mussolini’s fascistic temple. The light and dark contracts worked well. Did you use a scratch board? And I do miss hot, lithe, little, sexy, brooding Kate.

    • Nate,
      How did you manage to work Eritrea and Mussolini into that comment? The whole drawing is just pen and ink. I know you miss brooding Kate, but do you miss her enough to watch… Real Steel?

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