Sink for Illustration Friday

This is my version of the Illustration Friday topic, “Sink”. I illustrated a sink sinking in quicksand (It should be called slowsand). Fortunately for the sink, Joe the plumber is nearby.


7 thoughts on “Sink for Illustration Friday

  1. This made me laugh! Great way to get rid of problem sinks? 😀

  2. Nathan says:

    Ver are das Nazis? Your Indian Jones reference should have at least one fleet-footed Fuhrer hiding in the foliage. “So, Mister Joe, vee meet again, yah?” Unless you are following the current day George Lucas, at which point there should be a fat headed, genital-less alien or a Neo-Nazi (Soviet Russian). “So, Comrade Joe, vee meet again, Da?”

  3. Nate,
    I was going for a quicksand reference not so much an Indian Jones reference. Moreover, it is best to keep Nazis out of most illustrations. I get the feeling you did not like the last Indian Jones movie (I’m with you on that one).

  4. Nathan says:

    I guess anytime I see someone in the jungle or pass someone caught in quicksand, I think of Herr Jones. However, film follows the opposite philosophy of yours when it comes to Nazis. I am sure Mel Gibson was smarting that he had to make do with British in The Patriot and other Indians for Apocalypto.

  5. How often do you pass someone caught in quicksand? You should throw them a line or… a snake. You could throw them a snake to pull them to safety. How is that for an idea?

  6. Nathan says:

    Oh, you proletarian member of the hoi polloi; I was speaking metaphorically.

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