Fantasy art genre

This pen, ink and acrylic black and white illustration was created for a friend’s project. My friend wanted an illustration of a mountain-cat person. I attempted to create a more realistic style for this fantasy illustration. Fantasy art is a genre of art that I have always admired. However, I am unable to create the photo realistic work that is typical of that genre.

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6 thoughts on “Fantasy art genre

  1. jose says:

    Great work dude!!

  2. Jose,
    Thanks again for taking a look at my work! Thanks for the comment.

  3. Nathan says:

    Excellent picture! Your friend should be quite satisfied with your work. I like the take you took on the fantasy art genre by interjecting some historical elements, like the brooch and Neolithic monument. Moreover, the subdued, darker ink wash imparts a somber heroism, a sort of, “What’s all this then?” Gorden of Khartoum look to the piece. I also noticed that you avoided the typical fantasy cliché by not having a pack of pussies using his limb as a scratching post. Well done, Sir.

    • Nate,
      Thanks for the comment. I thought the brooch was a good idea as well. Thanks for taking a look at Cat Gordon of Khartoum. He does have a somber heroism about him, or maybe he is just deeply thinking about a large pile of catnip.

  4. Cindy D. says:

    Great job with the gray tones. I think this is a pretty great cat swordsman. Very nice line detail. As for not being able to reproduce the photo realistic work you’re talking about, that is only one kind of fantasy illustration. This is another. Well done!

  5. Cindy D,
    Thanks for taking a look and leaving a thoughtful response. Glad you liked my cat-person swordsman. Glad you liked my style of fantasy illustration.

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