The Lizard and the Jungle

This is my entry for this week’s Illustration Friday word of the week. The word of the week is, “Jump”. My charming and talented wife is in the process of creating a new website for my work. My WordPress blog is going to be integrated with the new site. The transition should go smoothly over the next few weeks and everything on the blog will remain the same. In the not too distant future my blog will become attached to my new portfolio site.

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10 thoughts on “The Lizard and the Jungle

  1. Jump, man, jump!!! 😉

  2. Crazy Cat Girl says:

    Gorgeous illustration 😀 Love the flow in the design of the lizard and the colours you’ve used for the foliage really give a sense of a jungle setting. The expression on the man’s face is pretty awsome too 🙂

  3. Nathan says:

    Very well done illustration. That would be funny if dinosaurs looked like that, all multicolored, instead of the 80s camo styling, and clucked like a chicken or screamed like a bluejay. Is your explorer after unattainium by chance? Or maybe your creature is one of those undiscovered animals that hides in the Amazon along with the giant sloth, bigfoot, or his cousin widetoe, and the flightless version of the mothman. Like how I worked Brazil into it all?

    • Nate,
      I liked how you worked Brazil into that comment. I went for the multicolored chameleon lizard approach to my lizard monster. Thanks for the comment!

  4. Cindy D says:

    What a great lizard monster! I love the colors. I fear he may just be misunderstood, but one really can’t take chances with these things. Very neat teeny little pitcher plants, too.

  5. Ummm..yeah, I think THAT would make me jump, too! He’d better hope that thing doesn’t jump after him!! Love the vibrant colors!!

  6. Thanks for the comment. Yeah… jumping seems like a good idea for that poor guy.

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