Dragon illustration created with oil paints

Here is an old illustration I finished with oil paints.  This friendly dragon painting was created during my oil paint obsession days.  It is hard to work in oils because of the time it takes, but the result is very satisfactory.    

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8 thoughts on “Dragon illustration created with oil paints

  1. jose says:

    i like so much!

  2. Jose,
    Thanks for the comment and for taking a look at my work.

  3. Ben says:

    I love it, Dave! Awesome stuff as always! I can’t wait to show Laney, she’ll love it to.

  4. Thanks, Drawrite. Thanks for taking a look.

  5. Nathan says:

    I liked your oil phase. Now that you have established your skill, you have to go cubist and end you career by just sighing blank pages of paper. In their relationship, I think the dragoon is the more excitable one.

  6. Nate, I think you are right, the dragon is the more excitable of the two. I liked my oil phase as well. I’ll have to try that phase again some time.

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