Monthly Archives: July 2012

Conference in the jungle illustration

My illustration of some strange conference in the jungle.  Looks like a meeting out of a Rudyard Kipling story.  The illustration is created with watercolors and oil paints.  This is my last post for a few weeks.  I’ll resume posting in late August early September.   Have a great summer one and all!

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Sketching during class

These are some sketches I created during one of my late night teacher education classes.   Nothing better than sketching in class.  Sketching in class was one of my favorite activities in my elementary school classes.  Well, in every class I have ever taken in my life, really.

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Hot air balloon illustration

Here is an old illustration I finished with acrylics and watercolors paints.  For some reason, there is a pig in the picture.  I have no idea what the pig’s motivation is for being in the illustration.  

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