Watercolor Robot

I tried some new watercolor and Photoshop mixes on this robot.   Knocked this one out in about two hours, start to finish.  I also redesigned the look of the blog.  Thought it needed an update.

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4 thoughts on “Watercolor Robot

  1. Manu,
    I’m glad I can count on your support!

  2. Nathan says:

    Excellent picture. The extra-solar planetary scenery is very well done, kind of Star Trek Arizonish but with a fantasy twist. It looks like he is getting geared up to go kick NASA’s rover Curiosity. Or maybe the lonely guy is just going to ask it out (that’s why he’s wearing dress shoes). Joke: “Why did the robot have 6 eyes? To see better.”

  3. Thanks, Nate. I think he is going out on a date with NASA’s Mars Rover. I should have put a bouquet of flowers in his hands.

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