Some fun alien sketches

Here are some alien sketches I created over the weekend.  The lizard character looks like the lizard man that Captain Kurt had a rock fight with.

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4 thoughts on “Some fun alien sketches

  1. Nathan says:

    Cool characters. Yeah, your top left one is probably a picture of Dorrack when he first saw Captain Kirk: “Hello, off-worlder, welcome to planet Arizonia,” at which point Kirk threw a diamond at Dorrack, climbed onto a rock and body slammed the poor guy. The alien below Dorrack looks like a stylist in diapers with a blow-dryer. I do like the brainy alien. That is what all our “visitors” used to look like before Spielberg changed every sketch artists’ impressions of those heavenly kidnappers (standing in as knee-jerk excuses for drunk driving and child abandonment). “Was dem got-damn Aliens, officers.” On a final note, I dressed up my cat in an SS uniform for the local Channel 4 News kitty purr-parade, and I think he looked at least as cute as your gerbils (though those fascist judges won’t let goose-in-boots walk down the runway). Still, good show, old boy.

  2. jose says:

    well done!

  3. Jose,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

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