Halloween Sketch of the mummy

This is my ink drawing of the mummy.  It is October and I’m going to post a few Halloween sketches. Last year I created a scarecrow and Frankenstein’s monster.  I’m not sure what else I’ll create this year.

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6 thoughts on “Halloween Sketch of the mummy

  1. jose says:

    fantastic black and white!! congrats dear!

  2. Ben says:

    Awesome stuff Dave.

  3. Nathan says:

    Cool drawing. Like how you made Egypt seem like a dark, evil place. Creepy mummy; I don’t think Indiana Jones would want to look for the Pharaoh’s chamberpot tonight. Like how the one statue is being modest, like that one of Eve in Trogir.

  4. It is a creepy mummy. For inspiration I looked at some pictures of Boris Karloff as the mummy in the 1932 movie. The Eve of Trogir, Croatia was trying, however, she was failing at being modest.

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