Excessively friendly scarecrow sketch

It is October and I’m posting a few Halloween sketches.  This is my ink and watercolor painting of a friendly scarecrow.  However, the excessively approachable scarecrow is not competent in his job and should be fired.

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4 thoughts on “Excessively friendly scarecrow sketch

  1. Drawrite says:

    Fantastic Autumn artwork!

    You should enter it here: http://kathytemean.wordpress.com and you may get featured. The details are here: http://kathytemean.wordpress.com/2012/10/12/free-fall-friday-37/


  2. Drawrite,
    Thanks for leaving a comment and thanks for the tip. I’ll be sure to look into the links.

  3. Nathan says:

    Like the picture. I think the scarecrow is not only not doing his job, he is actively collaborating with the enemy. I think the suitcase he is sitting on is filled with shinny stuff that the crow used to bribe him, though I might just be reading to much into it. However, from my art history classes, I learned that every brush stroke has a meaning, and artists are always commenting on the deeper injustices of society- “See Spot Run” for reference.

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