Birds of Lore Illustration

This is an illustration I created for a friend’s upcoming book titled,  Birds of Lore.  It is an illustration of a peacock monster from Sri Lanka.  You might think that is an odd subject for an illustration and you might be right.  I do like how the sky turned out.   Should be a cool book when it is all done.

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11 thoughts on “Birds of Lore Illustration

  1. jose says:

    fantastic! i love this sky! very good!!
    congrats David!

  2. Drawrite says:

    Love how the monster turned out! Fantastic work!!

  3. NJ says:

    The picture turned out great! Like how you incorporated the sky behind the ziggurat. I think the parrot monster is using its best sales pitch to lure the girl. The monster kind of reminds me of the more classical types like Grendel.

  4. Nathan says:

    Love how the picture came out, especially the night sky background. That parrot monster must be saying some pretty alluring things to get the girl to come hither. Also like the ziggurat and how your monster reminds me of the more classically mythological ones, like Grendel.

    • Thanks, Nate. The sky turned out well. However, I’m going to fix up that lantern at some point. The glow looks too artificial. Grendel would have been a much more well known monster. The Sri Lanka Peacock monster does not great a great deal of attention.

  5. Cindy D says:

    Very cool and congratulations working on a book! That is quite a menacing peacock bird monster! I love the woman hurrying down the path. And the sky is really cool!

  6. Cindy D,
    Thanks for the nice comment:)

  7. Neal says:

    Personally I liked the lantern’s glow (though it seems to be running low on batteries), the decision to go with a perfect stark oval of light instead of a more indistinct one is interesting.

  8. Neal, thanks for the comment. In the final illustration the perfect stark oval is going to be gone. I just put that glow over the lantern in a hurry. It does look odd.

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