Snow white illustration

I used an old Snow White sketch of mine to create a finished illustration. The illustration is created using oil paints and a little bit of just about everything else conceivable.  This illustration took forever to dry.  I might try some more images from classic fairy tales in the future.


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One thought on “Snow white illustration

  1. Nathan says:

    Very well done oil painting, colored pencil work, etching, drawing, inking and etc. Sounds like my diorama work. The menacing background and approaching storm is a creative touch that gives visual menace to the story. Incidentally, for art, it is actually the end product that matters, not the method (or journey) that one uses to arrive at the destination; I guess unless one is using slave labor to construct naked fascistic monumental sculptures. But only the Socialist 99% Rainbow Freedom Collation of Peace and Prosperity in North Korea is still doing that, from my understanding. Do you think Snow White would have joined the BDM of the NSDAP? Look, I managed to keep right wing politics out of my reply!

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