Greek Goddess Athena illustration.

Still working on that Red Riding Hood illustration; my Brother brand printer is not helping, it is on the fritz, inoperable, kerflooey, malfunctioning and just not working.  This post is an old illustration I created in oils.   Using some inspiration from a modern art painting, I created the background.   I imagined a more contemporary version of the Greek Goddess Athena as the figure in the foreground.


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2 thoughts on “Greek Goddess Athena illustration.

  1. Nathan says:

    Very cool picture. I don’t remember you doing this one. I like the stylistic, stain-glass look. There seems to be some of Alphonse Mucha’s influence there too. However, you have the modern mythos of Athena down pat. You could have also had her stomping on a swastika, since she is also the goddess of just wars, along with about 50 other things. I like the owl talisman.

  2. Thanks, Nate. This illustration is different from most of my work. Athena was a catch all Goddess of fifty different things, but mostly she was the Goddess of wisdom and crafts. She was worshiped by the quilting guild in Athens.

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