Talented Illustration

This is the illustration for last week’s Illustration Friday topic, Talented.  I just finished it this weekend.   I have been suffering from bad scanner syndrome.  The watercolors I have been creating are not scanning well.   Lighter colors are washed out so scans even with Photoshop adjustments are not looking much like the originals.  My new Canon printer does not seem any better than my old Brother printer.   I read that an Epson scanner is supposed to be the best for watercolors.   I’ll have to try that out, next time I buy a printer.

Talented copy

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8 thoughts on “Talented Illustration

  1. Ryan Durney says:

    I like the palette.

    Usually a dedicated, stand-alone scanner can do better than a combo scanner, if that’s what you mean that you used.

  2. Ryan Durney says:

    We use an Epson GT1500 and it does fairly well all-around. You might want an oversized scanner for larger ratios.

    There are super big oversize scanners now, but they are very expensive.

    • Ryan,
      Thanks for taking a look and leaving a comment. My current scanner is washing out the lighter colors and creates a grainy quality to the image. I’ll take your advice and purchase a stand-alone scanner. Thanks again.

  3. blesh says:

    I have an Epson Workforce 600 that actually does a pretty good job considering it’s a Printer/Fax/Scanner. Used mostly for scanning photos.

    • Ben,
      Ha, I like your handle as blesh. Thanks for the advice and comment. Trying to Photoshop the heck out of the washed out scans is becoming just plain aggravating. I also read that an Epson V600 is suppose to be good (I think that is the same as the Epson Workforce 600 you mentioned).

  4. Nathan says:

    Nice picture. Seems that the girl is quite talented, or maybe you are indulging in some classic magical misdirection and it is actually the crocodile that is the talented one. Like the Barnum and Bailey 30s poster feel to the composition. Is this idea in eager anticipation of “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone” movie or all your Vegas magician icons? Hope your printer gets up to speed, though even malfunctioning, it still is a colorful picture.

  5. Nate,
    Thanks for the comment. The illustration does have a 30s poster feel, I unintentionally created that feeling to the composition. It is a colorful image, but the actual painting is more red and does not have the strange grainy quality. Thanks again for leaving a comment.

  6. jose says:

    Funny dear David!!

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