Dinosaur illustration

This is my watercolor illustration of an entirely made-up dinosaur.  dinosaur copy

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4 thoughts on “Dinosaur illustration

  1. Nathan says:

    Very cool picture of a dinosaur. Since we have no records of skin coloration or decoration, I think you can pretty much color them whatever you like and say it’s as accurate as any other painting. Scientists theorize that birds are descended from the dinosaurs’ linage and look at how wildly colorful they are: sparrows, finches, pigeons, doves, starlings, crows . . . . Also, very nice use of watercolors. It is often quite hard to use that medium to create distinct color patterns instead of the classic dreamscape look. Continuing in the didactic vein (which you so enjoy), since most dinosaur species remain undiscovered or undiscoverable, maybe Gladiusambulavi once roamed through the wilds of Gary, Indiana.

    • Nate, you are right, there is no records of the skin colors of dinosaurs. I think they were all bright pink. And you are right about there being a huge number of extinct animals that scientists have yet to discovered. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Drawrite says:

    Love the colors. Very cool illustration!

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