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Sketch book page

Summer time!!!!!   This is a page from my sketch book.  I like the rat bunny from beyond Saturn.  Have not had time to make any illustration sketches.  I’ll have to post those yet to be created illustration sketches in a few weeks.  Sketchspace8

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More spacemen and alien sketches.

Here are a few more alien and spacemen sketches from my trusty sketch book.   I was just enjoying making some drawings.  I’ll post some illustration sketches, next.

Spacesketch4Spacewsketch5 copySpacesketch3 copy

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Spaceman and alien sketches

It is summer time here in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada.  At last it is summer break!  Last night I pulled out my trusty sketch book for the first time in weeks and filled a few pages with alien and spacemen sketches.   I’ll post a few more of my sketches, soon.

Spacesketch1 copySpacesketch2 copy

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