Spaceman and alien sketches

It is summer time here in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada.  At last it is summer break!  Last night I pulled out my trusty sketch book for the first time in weeks and filled a few pages with alien and spacemen sketches.   I’ll post a few more of my sketches, soon.

Spacesketch1 copySpacesketch2 copy

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4 thoughts on “Spaceman and alien sketches

  1. Drawrite says:

    I like these a lot! Especially the second one!

  2. Nathan says:

    Very cool space cats. I like the second one; he looks like he comes from the planet of New New Zealand. The knuckle walker is a pretty fun looking alien too.

  3. Nate, the second sketch does look like a Maori warrior from New Zealand. I liked the strange knuckle walker, as well. Thanks for the comment.

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