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My Homage to Scooby-Doo

Here are a few drawings from my sketch book that are my homage to Scooby-Doo.  The original episodes from Hanna-Barbera Productions, “Scooby-Doo, Where Are You” and “The Scooby-Doo Show” were big influences on my interest in drawing and monsters.   The Mantis was in an episode called, “The Creepy Creature of Vultures Claw”.  In my memory, it was a particularly spine-chilling episode.  The Mantis is an insectoid type of creature that keeps people away from some gardens.  In the end, it turns out the creature was just the professor in a mask.  He was keeping people away from the oil he had discovered in the gardens.   When I was five, I fell for that person in a mask plot every time.   I was going to try to get away with makings some more drawings and I would have gotten away with it, too, if it hadn’t been for those meddling kids!

The MantisCreeperandother monsters

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particularly monotonous meeting sketches

These drawings are some more from my sketchbook.  I drew some of these during a particularly monotonous meeting about lunch room scheduling.  Nothing like a good meeting about scheduling more time to talk about scheduling. sketchbookdrawings copy

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