Beauty and the Beasts

These drawings are two pen and ink sketches from my sketch book.  The first sketch looks a little like beauty and the beast.  I think the sketch needed an angry teapot that looks vaguely like Angela Lansbury.  I scanned them into Photoshop and used the adjustment levels function to restore the blackness of the ink.  Scans have a way of distorting every medium, even black ink.  beauty and the beast copy

Space Beast copy

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2 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beasts

  1. Nathan says:

    Cool pics. I like the actual Beast look. Much better than that escaped Lloyd Webber cat from the 1987 TV hit- Beauty and the Beast. The mimicking tribal braids are a nice touch along with the skull helm line. She seems like the type of hipster that would go for that sort of thing. The other creature is neat, kind of like a Roman description of what a Hun looked like, minus the gun.

  2. Nate, thanks for the comment. The creature does look better than an escaped cat from a Lloyd Webber musical. It definitely looks more menacing.

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