Robot Sketches

Here are a few robot sketches from my sketch book.  Robots are interesting to draw because they can be whatever shapes you can imagine.  I used a Faber-Castell artist pen to create most of the sketches.  The pen has a brush-like tip that is good for creating a variety of line weights.  Moreover, that pen can sure move smoothly and quickly across the surface of your paper.  After scanning the sketches, I added some type in Photoshop.

Robotsdrawing1 robotdrawing2 copy robotdrawing3 copy

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2 thoughts on “Robot Sketches

  1. Nathan says:

    I like your robots. I, too, believe that robots can be anything (except for equal members of society- yes, I am a robotist). From a functional, automated vacuum disk to the world destroyers from the 50s, replacing lizards from Mars, then overtaken by balloon headed no-neck pigment impaired aliens to, what are we being invaded by abducted by now . . . some sort of squid? At-any-rate, unlike a robot, I got sidetracked. Robots can be anything! Very nice use of black and white ink to make some fun AI gadgets. Like the witty dialogue too. The new-age, West Virginia coal miner is my favorite; he looks like he works well.

    • Nate, you are right, robots are not easily sidetracked. I don’t think they suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder very often. I like the coal mining robot, as well. As always, thanks for the comment.

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