More Mermaid

I felt like drawing yet another mermaid, so I did.  I used Pigma Micron pens to ink my sketch.  This illustration would look nice with a splash of vibrant color.  Maybe some other day I’ll add the color.

Mermaid in a kelp forest copy


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4 thoughts on “More Mermaid

  1. Drawrite says:

    I like the feel of the scene!

  2. Nathan says:

    I like your mermaid with her come hither look. I might drown in that San Diego aquarium. But in our modern mythology (pardoning the oxymoron), aren’t mermaids suppose to lure us strapping lads to our watery demise? Or are they still singing with crabs and signing contracts with Octo-witches? I like how you used the kelp and waves to center your composition. The background also complements the mermaid without isolating or cluttering your centerpiece and the shadowing on the roots and in the stalks directs ones eyes around the mermaid. Cool picture. I think it stands (or should one say . . . floats) on its own as a black and white composition.

    • Nate,
      Thanks for the comment. I think you put more thought into the comment than I put into the drawing. I added the wave lines at the last moment because the drawing need something more to tie the composition together. I think it would make an interesting color illustration. Thanks for all the comments and thought behind it.

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