Strange creature in a deep dark forest on an alien planet

This is an image from my comic book drawings.  This drawing is of a strange creature in a deep dark forest on an alien planet.   I imagined the creature attracts moth like insects using a glowing lure like a deep sea fish.  At the bottom of the illustration I have two future space explorers stumbling upon the harmless creature.  I mostly used Pigma Micron ink pens to create the drawing.

Darkforestalienplanet copy

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6 thoughts on “Strange creature in a deep dark forest on an alien planet

  1. Nathan says:

    Great picture. It reminds me of the redwood forests of CA. Not the tress and moss stuff, but the huge bugs and weird creatures I saw after that concert in San Fran. I like how you used the darkness in the forest’s background to anchor the scene in the roots and undergrowth. Everything puts your characters in prospective, a great way to set up the composition. It is cool how so many comic boxes can stand on their own as original story pieces. Looking forward to seeing more adventures in the near future. As an aside, with so many planets out there in the universe, I wonder what sort of fantastic creatures roam and have roamed such far away worlds, if any.

    • Nate, it does look a little like the mighty redwood forest.
      I have found that large areas of black ink help fill out a composition. It adds a great deal of contrast and helps highlight the little details of a composition.
      As an aside to your aside, I am sure that whatever life is on other distant planets is so far beyond anything we can imagine. When you think of alien life you usually just do variations of life on earth. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Cindy D. says:

    Cool monster! And the trees are really nice. And then I noticed those two tiny figures. HOLY COW that monster is huge! Nicely done. 🙂 And you’re totally right about sections of solid blank ink. I should do that more.

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