Movie night at Frankenstein’s laboratory

This is my illustration of Doctor Frankenstein’s monster and his bride enjoying a movie date night.  I imagine they are watching Mel Brooks, Young Frankenstein.   I enjoyed creating this one; for me drawing is one of the most enjoyable activities on the planet.  Drawing even beats most movie nights.

frankensteinmovienight copy

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6 thoughts on “Movie night at Frankenstein’s laboratory

  1. Thanks, Drawrtie. I enjoyed drawing this one and it went very quickly.

  2. Nathan says:

    Knowing many of the movies out there, I agree. Creating is so much more rewarding than rotting away watching others work and . . . live! Dr. F did not create his monster by sitting around. Great drawing. I like the retro equipment, especially the one unplugged. With all that power, I am sure they still get bad reception on those good old rabbit ears. I wonder- if Frankenstein sees a good burning on TV, will flip out? Or is it like the pundits say, with there being no connection between media and reality?

  3. Nate, thanks for the comment. Those old rabbit ears always had bad reception, eventually. Even if you wrapped them in tin foil and taped metal sheep’s wool on the ends. That was part of the fun of rabbit ears. They made watching television more of an adventure.

  4. Cindy D. says:

    Wonderful details and line work!

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