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Happy Holidays One and All.

I created this sketch with pen and ink.  I have no idea how Santa fits down chimneys.  Wait, I do have an idea…. magic.  Happy holidays.  I’ll post again in 2014.


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Drawings Of Even More Monsters

I created some more drawings with a Staedtler Fineliner pen and a Faber-Castell brush artist pen.   These drawings are more Fiend Folio inspired illustrations.  As a disclaimer, these drawings are neither created nor are they endorsed by the current copyright holders of TSR’s former property.  The first drawing is of a pack of Bugbears going for a walk in the woods. The second sketch is a Grell and Neo-Otyugh.  The last sketch is just some head drawings for the Bugbear drawing.  When I was young, my brother had a whole bunch of the TSR monster bendy toys from Dungeons and Dragons.  He had the Grell and Neo-Otyugh toys and they were a great deal of fun to play with.  I like how the Grell and Neo-Otyugh sketch turned out.

BugBear Grell and Neo-otyugh copy Bugbearheads copy

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Birds of Lore an Illustration for Ryan and Audrey Durney’s New Book

I created an illustration for my friends Ryan and Audrey Durney’s  multi-contributor book entitled Birds of Lore. Ryan teamed up with his wife Audrey to create a lavish bestiary of mythological  birds.  The creature I illustrated is a tiger-bird called a Suea Peek.  Ryan described it as a stout, semi-flightless bird beast, with the head of a female tiger.  I love how ridicules and fearsome it looks at the same time.  I used oil paints over a watercolor underpainting to create the illustration.  Ryan’s Birds of Lore book is now out on Amazon and he even produced a Kindle edition.  Tigerbirdillustration2 birdsofloretigerbird

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