Drawings Of Even More Monsters

I created some more drawings with a Staedtler Fineliner pen and a Faber-Castell brush artist pen.   These drawings are more Fiend Folio inspired illustrations.  As a disclaimer, these drawings are neither created nor are they endorsed by the current copyright holders of TSR’s former property.  The first drawing is of a pack of Bugbears going for a walk in the woods. The second sketch is a Grell and Neo-Otyugh.  The last sketch is just some head drawings for the Bugbear drawing.  When I was young, my brother had a whole bunch of the TSR monster bendy toys from Dungeons and Dragons.  He had the Grell and Neo-Otyugh toys and they were a great deal of fun to play with.  I like how the Grell and Neo-Otyugh sketch turned out.

BugBear Grell and Neo-otyugh copy Bugbearheads copy

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4 thoughts on “Drawings Of Even More Monsters

  1. Nathan says:

    Very cool! I like the suction-cup guy and the floating bird brain. The suction guy always reminded me of a Jim Henson muppet that took a long bath. The bugbear faces are great, quite expressive while still being aggressive; I would tell the park ranger, “It looked like a damn BEAR!” “Well, sir, first you need to calm down, and second, you need to take that specist attitude back to your mauled campground and bury it there.” I like the composition of your fairy princess meets ewoks from the other side of the forest. There is a great blend of whimsy combined with terror. The falling leaves are a great accent, giving a magic quality to the scene, while the dark sky and undergrowth cement the action. Skillfully executed, as always.

  2. Cindy D. says:

    Cool! I really like all those head studies of the baddies. The ponytails and things give them a lot of character!

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