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Sketchbook Sketches

Here are a few sketches from my sketchbook.  I was in a very unimportant meeting when I created most of these drawings.   I had my trusty sketchbook along for the ride and made a few quick pen drawings.  I drew a few people in the meeting and some random ideas that came to mind.
sketchbook drawing2 sketchbookdrawing1

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Alien and Spacemen Sketches From My Trusty Sketchbook.

Here are a few alien and spacemen sketches from my trusty sketchbook.  Aliens are interesting to draw because they can look like anything you can imagine.   They can be strange, graceful creatures or terrifying monsters.  You can use forms both familiar and wondrous to create them.

Spacesketches1 copy Spacedrawing2 copy Spacesketch3 copy

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Starting The Year Out With a Monster Drawing.

This is my drawing of a Shambling Mound monster.  I created it using a Staedtler Fineliner pen, a Faber-Castell brush artist pen and a Sharpie fine point marker.   This drawing is another Fiend Folio inspired illustration.  When I was young, my brother had a whole bunch of the TSR monster bendy toys from Dungeons and Dragons.  The Shambling Mound toy was just a mass of green plastic.  It was still a menacing  lump of plastic.  The figure in the picture looks strangely confident.  Cindy, a fellow sketch blogger suggested I illustrate this particular creature.

shambling mound copy

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