Starting The Year Out With a Monster Drawing.

This is my drawing of a Shambling Mound monster.  I created it using a Staedtler Fineliner pen, a Faber-Castell brush artist pen and a Sharpie fine point marker.   This drawing is another Fiend Folio inspired illustration.  When I was young, my brother had a whole bunch of the TSR monster bendy toys from Dungeons and Dragons.  The Shambling Mound toy was just a mass of green plastic.  It was still a menacing  lump of plastic.  The figure in the picture looks strangely confident.  Cindy, a fellow sketch blogger suggested I illustrate this particular creature.

shambling mound copy

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4 thoughts on “Starting The Year Out With a Monster Drawing.

  1. Cindy D. says:

    Oh my goodness, a shambling mound! Such a funny monster (though yours has quite a menacing face!). I love those mushrooms and branches and leaves and things, and his twisty vine limbs. Nicely done! The fighter doesn’t look all that worried. Haha. Terrific line work and contrast.

  2. Nathan says:

    Cool creature. Very nice B & W work. I like the background scenery with the trees creating a concise backdrop. I think D.C. had one of these guys as their superhero; as Comic-book Guy would say, “Worse superhero ever.” I think an ax is an appropriate weapon to fight the mound monster. Again, beautifully rendered fantasy drawing.

    • Nate, D.C. had the Swamp Thing which was a strange unsettling hero. You don’t see any kindergartners with Swamp Thing t-shirts and Lego toys. The Shambling Mound monster must be Swamp Things distant cousin. Thanks for the comment!

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