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The Way Back Kids Take On The Carboniferous Period

My wife suggested I make some drawings that have to do with history.  I have a colossal interest in history and natural history.  I created two accidentally time traveling kids and sent them way back to the Carboniferous Period 320 million years ago.  The Carboniferous Period is before the dinosaurs.  During that period there were huge tree ferns, enormous dragonflies, massive centipedes and amphibians were the dominant land vertebrates.  I’ll send my two intrepid kids a few million years forward in time the next time I draw them.


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Things Sneaking Up On People Not Paying Attention

This is my illustration of an Umber Hulk.  They are creatures created by the company TSR in the original Monster Manual. They are described as large, insectoid creatures with an ape-like build.  They also have four eyes.  When I was young my brother had the plastic TSR toy of an Umber Hulk.  The toy was gray and had its arms permanently fixed in an outstretched position.  It looked like it wanted to tear you limb from limb or give you a hug, it was hard to say which.  This is another drawing in my ongoing series, things sneaking up on people not paying attention.  This Umber Hulk might want to sit by the fire and listen to some good stories or it might want to split everyone limb from limb, it is hard to say which. umberhulk copy

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