The Way Back Kids Take On The Carboniferous Period

My wife suggested I make some drawings that have to do with history.  I have a colossal interest in history and natural history.  I created two accidentally time traveling kids and sent them way back to the Carboniferous Period 320 million years ago.  The Carboniferous Period is before the dinosaurs.  During that period there were huge tree ferns, enormous dragonflies, massive centipedes and amphibians were the dominant land vertebrates.  I’ll send my two intrepid kids a few million years forward in time the next time I draw them.


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8 thoughts on “The Way Back Kids Take On The Carboniferous Period

  1. Nathan says:

    Very cool picture and great idea. I always imagined me with a time machine as a bad idea. Think of Bil Murry in “Ground Hog Day,” or an argument with friends about some historical bric-à-brac that sends me to my time machine, but mostly just me hanging out in period gambling dens betting on Superbowls. Looks like those kids need to dial it back. Great recreation of a Carboniferous forest with its huge fern plants and giant bugs. Where do you plan to send your intrepid time travelers next?

    • Thanks, Nate. I thought about sending them to the Jurassic Period or the Late Cretaceous Period. I have to draw them with dinosaurs! I could have them hang out with dinosaurs for months, but I want to move along to human history. I think anyone with a time machine would be a horrible idea because it could tear a hole in the space-time continuum! Great scott!!!

  2. Ryan Durney says:

    Love it. Check this out for future reference. I am a happy follower:

  3. Ha, the Carboniferous Period has its own Facebook page! Ryan, thanks for the comment.

  4. Cindy D. says:

    Terrific, I love the giant cute salamander guy in front. The giant bugs are creepy (but look great)! And those trees are really cool, too. I think if you can put two of your interests together, that is a great thing!

  5. Milana says:

    This is a great idea!!! My son is doing the project for Geography now just about this period and he loves sketching with pencil, charcoal and ink, and hates painting))) You give him fantastic idea how to alive his project. Thank you indeed.

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