Tyrannosaurus Rex and His Tiny Little Arms

Here is another drawing with my two accidentally time traveling kids.  They ended up in the Late Cretaceous Period sixty seven million years ago.  That last period of the dinosaurs’ reign on earth saw some of the most spectacular kinds of dinosaurs.  The massive predator Tyrannosaurus Rex was prowling the forests of the Late Cretaceous Period.  You can’t travel through time without running into the mighty T-Rex.  Tyrannosaurus Rex had a colossal head, massive teeth and tiny little arms.  What were T-Rex’s tiny little arms for anyway?  I’ll send my two intrepid kids a few million years forward in time the next time I draw them.

T-Rex copy

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4 thoughts on “Tyrannosaurus Rex and His Tiny Little Arms

  1. Nathan says:

    Very cool picture. It looks like T-Rex is on the hunt. I like how the branches above anchor the scene below and add some menace, almost like lightening. The ferns and tress work great to give the feeling of an open, Cretaceous forest. The intrepid time traveling kids should, for their last adventure, visit the period of the early bombardment.

    • Thanks, Nate. I appreciate your thoughtful comments. I am not going to go all the way back into the history of the solar system as a whole. Sorry, no early bombardment pictures. I am going to move into the very short by comparison period of human history.

  2. Cindy D. says:

    Eeek, that T-Rex looks way too scary! I can’t imagine how those two naive adventurers will survive this encounter! Perhaps the pterodactyl will help. He is so cute! The pterodactyl is my favorite part of this one. He may need his own show. 😉

    • Cindy, that T-Rex does look like it is about to gobble up the time travelers. Fear not, they made it out in time. Glad you like the cute pterodactyl. Thanks for the comment.

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