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Adding Color to My Black and White Ink Work

These drawings are an illustration artistic experiment.  I’m learning how to add color in Photoshop to my black and white ink work.  I believe I’ll be able to come up with a faster more satisfying way to color my work.  My watercolors are not scanning the way I want, so Photoshop might work better.  I need to try something with more of a background.  The creature drawings are new, but the woman on the robot is a black and white drawing from a few months ago.  However, next time I’m going back in time.  So take me away, I don’t mind, but you better promise me I’ll be back in time.  Gotta get back in time!

Monstertest1 copy Monstertest3 copy Monstertest2 copy Robotwoman

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Time Traveling to Ancient Mesopotamia

My time travelers have arrived in Ancient Mesopotamia around 1,890 BC.  I drew the gates of Babylon behind them and an Assyrian Lamassu statue in the foreground.  The Lamassu  is a mythical Assyrian creature with a bull-lion’s body, eagle’s wings, and human’s head.  There is a Lamassu or two at the British Museum in London.  I remember seeing them years ago, they are very impressive.  Next time I draw my time travelers, they are off to Ancient Egypt.

AncientMesopotamia copy

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