Here There Be Pirates

This is an illustration from a few years ago that I never posted on my blog.  I created the illustration with oils and acrylics.  I have an undying affection for pirates.  I’ll have to post some new work as soon as I can make some new drawings.  I’m busy with baby stuff, baby showers, mom moving and end of the school year activities.  Life seems to be a quick succession of busy moments.  

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4 thoughts on “Here There Be Pirates

  1. Cindy D. says:

    Terrific detail in this mischievous band! The toes sticking out of the shoe and that hilarious crab are some of my favorite bits. Wow, oil! (Though I suppose new stuff is what I mostly want to see!) 😛

  2. Nathan says:

    All the more reason to take to the seven seas and live a life free from worry. “I am fisherman!” and I fish for booty. Very cool pic with some awesome detail, like the one smiley face pommel. I can imagine the dialogue with the cabin boy- “Ha, but I’ve got the only map, so you’ll never find it!” Great use of elementary background patterns to capture that Caribbean essence and not overwhelm your characters. You should drop in your time travelers.

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