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Even More Sketchbook Sketches


Here are two more pages from my sketchbook.  Van-tassel-basket (Spelled, VanTassel-Baska) is the name of the author of a book on gifted and talent education.  It’s a really funny name and I believe  I wrote it on that page to use as a character’s name at some point.  The guy with the monocle could be Van-tassel-basket, he looks like a Van-tassel-basket.  Van-tassel-basket to the rescue!

Sketchbooksketches Yetanothersketchbookpage

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Two pages from my sketchbook.

These are two pages of some strange creatures and robots from one of my sketchbooks.  sketchcreaturesandrobots copy StrangeCreature copy

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Time Traveling To Ancient Greece

My time travelers have arrived in 432 B.C. in Athens, Greece.  The Parthenon and other parts of the Acropolis are visible behind the market.  I included a statue of Athena in the foreground and in the far background there is also a colossal bronze statue of  Athena that was originally in the center of the Acropolis.  The colossal statue of the protector of Athens was reported to have survived until 1203 when it was destroyed by a mob who thought she was bringing the city bad luck.
Ancient Greece copy

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