Time Traveling To Ancient Greece

My time travelers have arrived in 432 B.C. in Athens, Greece.  The Parthenon and other parts of the Acropolis are visible behind the market.  I included a statue of Athena in the foreground and in the far background there is also a colossal bronze statue of  Athena that was originally in the center of the Acropolis.  The colossal statue of the protector of Athens was reported to have survived until 1203 when it was destroyed by a mob who thought she was bringing the city bad luck.
Ancient Greece copy

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5 thoughts on “Time Traveling To Ancient Greece

  1. Nathan says:

    Very neat picture. I wonder if we will ever do the same thing? The south does something to tick us off, so we have a “million” man mob head to the Lincoln Memorial and throw him in the Reflecting Pool. Like all the various detail, such as the bull on the vase, a disapproving Athena (the time continuum and whatnot) and a dazed owl. The cats do remind me of Athens. At least those ones were willfully neglected. Also, a very impressive rendering of that classical architecture. Can’t wait to see where you drop your travels off next.

    • What, no History Channel market attack joke!

      • Nathan says:

        Yeah, yeah. I know that rumble cloud at the bottom of the hill contains a bunch of charging, acrobatic Persians dressed in leftover biker and Mad Max getup about to go all market day crazy, breaking amphora and pulling down rented stalls. I just didn’t want to spoil the shopping.

  2. Cindy D. says:

    Terrific stuff! I love all those vases and urns. And the angry looking statue. And the buildings in the distance. Very cool!

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