Even More Sketchbook Sketches


Here are two more pages from my sketchbook.  Van-tassel-basket (Spelled, VanTassel-Baska) is the name of the author of a book on gifted and talent education.  It’s a really funny name and I believe  I wrote it on that page to use as a character’s name at some point.  The guy with the monocle could be Van-tassel-basket, he looks like a Van-tassel-basket.  Van-tassel-basket to the rescue!

Sketchbooksketches Yetanothersketchbookpage

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4 thoughts on “Even More Sketchbook Sketches

  1. Nathan says:

    Cool sketches. I like the guy with the monocle. He looks very British: “What’s all this now? Germany invading Kent? Right ho. All in good time chaps. First some cucumber sandwiches and Earl Grey tea.” If Weird Al was younger and in drag and posing at a teacher conference as a keynote speaker on didasko, I think your first page bottom right “guy” caught that feel pretty well.

  2. Cindy D. says:

    Haha! Another great set of characters. I really like that smug military fellow with the fancy accessories. Lots of great faces!

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