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Comic of the Distant Future

Here is another page from the comic I have been working on. I am going to post the comic in an online format in the not too distant future.  spacepage2

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History Illustration

I am working away on finishing my comic and all my free drawing time is going toward that project.  These are two older drawings I created for the textbook, Creativity in the Classroom.  I did not like the composition of the first one or the girl’s lack of lower legs.  The second illustration is the one that ended up in the textbook.  The scanner cut some of the edges off the illustration; dang my tiny scanner!  The gladiator stayed intact from the first to the second illustration, but Napoleon gained some weight.  Maybe that is Napoleon during his exile on Saint Helena in the Atlantic Ocean.
Historyillustration1 Historyillustration2

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Comic Page

I have been working on some comics that I am going to post in an online format in the not too distant future.  For one comic I have about fifty pages done and for another story line I have over a hundred.  Here is a recent page I created for my space adventure comic.  Still have to ink ten pages and draw and ink fifteen more after that,  add the text, do a finale edit and all will be done.  So, in the not too distant future this project will come to fruition.

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