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I have been working on some comics that I am going to post in an online format in the not too distant future.  For one comic I have about fifty pages done and for another story line I have over a hundred.  Here is a recent page I created for my space adventure comic.  Still have to ink ten pages and draw and ink fifteen more after that,  add the text, do a finale edit and all will be done.  So, in the not too distant future this project will come to fruition.

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3 thoughts on “Comic Page

  1. Nathan says:

    Very cool panel! Great use of continuous scenery to establish depth and convey a feeling of vastness while still creating movement. Kind of reminds me of another master of comic art, Todd McFarlane, with his Spiderman paneling. You know you are good when even paneling is part of the story and art form. Also very well done alien forest. I pick up that King Kong Mystery Island vibe as the armed explorers penetrate into the mysterious vastness of an unknown world. And this is only one page! Can’t wait to see the next adventures of Isabel 88 and Fabar.

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