Spooky House

Here is a very spooky October post.  I have yet to create an illustration of a spooky house for one of my October illustrations, so I thought I would make one.  It looks like a very well decorated but potentially life threatening house to visit for trick or treating.

Spookyhouse copy

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4 thoughts on “Spooky House

  1. Nathan says:

    Very cool picture! I think you got enough Halloween imagery into this one. If I was some trick-or-treater, I would avoid that old house on the hill. My favorites are the graveyard, the skulls and the Beetlejuice snake. The octopus & spider are cool too. With the candle, the light is on, so the house must be open for business. The only criticism that I can make is that your crocodiles seem a bit too happy. I can hear them now: “Hey there kids; we won’t eat you. Didn’t ask that question? Well, just throwing that fact out there. Nothing to fear about being eaten from us.” Happy Halloween.

  2. Cindy D says:

    Oh this is fantastic. Detailed little houses in pen and ink is one of my favorite things. I really need to work on perspective so I can do some really neat ones. So many things to practice! So many fantastic critters in this!

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