Another Spooky October Post

Here is another spooky October post.  I decided to sink my claws into a werewolf illustration.  I used pen and ink to create my lycanthrope drawing.  Werewolf

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2 thoughts on “Another Spooky October Post

  1. Nathan says:

    Awesome picture. You should do another before the holiday closes out. Afterwards, you will only be able to do non-spooky pictures of decapitated turkeys or home invaders creeping down smokestacks. Your use of black and white contrast for this one is great. The black background showcases the werewolf, even mimicking a pool of blood. The spooky trees are well situated (with the moon present, but not in your face blatant- since by know we know it has something to do with the wolf-man), and your characters are very well drawn. The werewolf looks frightening and the maiden looks frightened, with that “what-in-hell” expression. A skillfully executed spooky post.

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