Feeding Time In The Library

This is my last spooky October illustration that I am posting in November.  I started it on Friday and was just able to finish it, today.  A vampire is feeding her growing house plant in her library.  I used pen and ink for this illustration.

Plant Monster

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8 thoughts on “Feeding Time In The Library

  1. Drawrite says:

    Love love love it!!

  2. Nathan says:

    Amazing illustration! Beautiful detail! I like all the books and the hallway behind, like one of those old mansions vampires always inhabit. The old floor-boarding and the crumpled carpet add to the scene. Your picture captures the bond between a kid and its pet, even if one is dead and the other is a killer. Still, sushi and calamari, that is an expensive houseplant. But if it wraps up some vamp hunters in the daytime, it might be better than the pack of wolves in the basement. Excellent spooky illustration. Unfortunately, the season has moved on. Or has it?

    • Thanks, Nate. Glad you like my vampire pet illustration. Yea, unfortunately the season has moved on. I already have plans for next Octobers spooky sketches. I believe you are right, it is better than a pack of wolves and easier to potty train.

  3. Cindy D says:

    Aaaah, I love it! All the bookcases! It’s one of my favorite things in illustrations and I think I’ve done. Um. One maybe? Totally love the plant creature and the patterns. And the perspective through the doorway is really cool.

  4. lesliebrende says:

    Wonderfully whimsical! Love it!

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