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More Sketchbook Pages

Here are a few pages from my sketchbook.  They are a collection of faces.  Some of the faces were from my doodling during an important district meeting concerning the great significance of having more meetings.  I think there was a Viking at the meeting and Batman may or may not have been there.  The sketches of kids on the first page are for a mural I completed at my last school.  I’ll post a few more sketchbook pages, next week.

Sketchbookpage.A Sketchbookpage.B Sketchbookpage.C

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Sketchbook Pages

Here are two pages from my sketchbook.  They are a collection of faces, monsters and the rest of the usual stuff I like to draw.  There is an Incredible Hulk looking face and one that looks like a Nineteenth Century Russian novelist.  There is also a walking eye thing that resembles something out of Jonny Quest.  I plan on posting more sketchbook pages over the next few weeks. Sketchbookpagewithfaces Sketchbookpagewithcreatures

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Sensible Footwear And The Great Wall Of China

My time traveling adventures have arrived in 210 B.C. at the Great Wall of China.  The girl picked up a dress in Greece in my last drawing.  She kept her sneakers, which if you are traveling through time is a sensible thing to do.

The first Emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang is given credit for starting the Great Wall.  When I created this drawing I was not  thinking about Emperor Qin Shi Huang, but about an old Choose Your Own Adventure book I remember reading in elementary school.  In one of the ending in the book you were stuck working on the Great Wall of China.  I believe the book I’m thinking of is, The Cave of Time.
Great Wall Of China

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