Exercise In Line Art Coloring

I learned a better way to color black and white line art in Photoshop from watching a tutorial.  Once the illustration was done, I used the watercolor filter on the image to help darken the blacks and unite the colors.  I still could fix a few areas, but the illustration is acceptable.  I’m more content with the black and white drawing… maybe I’ll come around to this flat coloring process.  I learned enough from this illustration and it should look better the next time I try the process.  The two characters are some of my comic book characters.  I think they did Cookie Monster in and are wearing his fur!

lastcolorlineartcopy Blackandwhitelineart

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6 thoughts on “Exercise In Line Art Coloring

  1. Cindy Dauer says:

    I think the color helps the figures stand out. Very cool creatures they are, too! His outfit in particular.

  2. Nathan says:

    Very nice colored picture! It has that 50s comic vibe you are going for, kind of Flash Gordon like in that Prince Valiant style. As artists, we are too harsh on ourselves, since we go through the process of trying to recast our mind’s eye on paper and tend to see only the cracks of projected entoptic phenomenon (how about ’em allusions?). I think it turned out absolutely great. But come on, she’s wearing a fur cape. Super Grover. I mean, come on.

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