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Comic Drawing that fell short of pure splendor

This is a drawing of characters from my science fiction comic.  I hope to one day post my comic online.  I was looking at some of the artist Mark Schultz’s work and came up with the idea for this drawing.   Mr. Schultz’s work is staggeringly beautiful.  I have always admired his black and white drawings of classic adventure themes.  He creates such painstaking work of pure splendor!  Pure splendor I say!   I believe my drawing has some issues and fell short of pure splendor, but I’m posting it anyway.



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Sketches from my sketchbook.

I made these sketches last week during an art teacher inservice program.  We had a chance to work on African masks and I sketched a few examples of the masks we were shown.  The first page is other art teachers that were attending the meetings.   Facesinameeting Africanmasks

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Talking With Fish

This drawing commemorates the Aquaman of my youth.  I drew him talking with his ocean friends.  Aquaman is a copyrighted character of D.C. Comics and this is just my fan art drawing of the character.  The new D.C. Comics movie is supposedly going to include Aquaman as a character in the movie.  Apparently, the actor Jason Momoa that played Conan the Barbarian is going to portray Aquaman.  The Aquaman I grew up with was from the cartoon Super Friends and he had a very clean-cut persona.  Recently D.C. Comics has made the character have a more mystical and rough story line and appearance.  He lost his classic orange shirt and his left hand.  I miss the Aquaman of decades past whose most widely recognized power was the telepathic ability to communicate with marine life.







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