Talking With Fish

This drawing commemorates the Aquaman of my youth.  I drew him talking with his ocean friends.  Aquaman is a copyrighted character of D.C. Comics and this is just my fan art drawing of the character.  The new D.C. Comics movie is supposedly going to include Aquaman as a character in the movie.  Apparently, the actor Jason Momoa that played Conan the Barbarian is going to portray Aquaman.  The Aquaman I grew up with was from the cartoon Super Friends and he had a very clean-cut persona.  Recently D.C. Comics has made the character have a more mystical and rough story line and appearance.  He lost his classic orange shirt and his left hand.  I miss the Aquaman of decades past whose most widely recognized power was the telepathic ability to communicate with marine life.







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2 thoughts on “Talking With Fish

  1. Nathan says:

    Ah, Aquaman- the tail end of all superhero jokes. I think DC should have gone in the opposite direction and made him even cleaner: raised as a prince in Mermaida, the offspring of its king and his whale watcher wife, spent his youth cleaning up the oceans and teaching kids about the dangers of six-pack rings, he actually has two extra fingers (6 on each hand), thinks a wrapped box is the only birthday gift he needs, abhors drinking, swearing and reveling swimsuits . . . . Nice picture of Aquaman in his element. The use of the giant octopus makes a great background. I also like the fact that Sebastian and Sponge Bob are part of his crew. Nevertheless, you have to wonder how talking to, or even controlling, a pack of carp is all that great of an ability? Like, if he eats at Red Lobster, does he pick the jerky one? Is his aquaness confined to only salt water creatures? Does it include Dolphins? Maybe the next movie will fill in some blanks on the Aquaman map.

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