Here are two more illustrations.  The Medusa illustration is new while the astro-cosmonaut is one of my older ink illustrations.  I’m trying some techniques of coloring my inked line art in Photoshop.

medusaillustration copy Spaceman

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6 thoughts on “Medusa

  1. Nathan says:

    Very cool Medusa. The snakes on her head look a little surprised, as if they had been run over by a Jeep and ended up in a Hades wig thinking, “Now, what did I do to deserve this?” Medusa tends not to end up in our Halloween festivals. I have seen sexy nurse outfits, sexy policewomen git-ups but never a sexy Medusa suit. Is it the mythological element or the snakes?

    • You are right, Medusa tends not to be a popular Halloween costume. I’ve seen some Diana goddess of the hunt costumes, but never a Medusa. Must be the hair that puts people off.

  2. Great fun as usual, Dave!!
    I like the line work/hatching. (all too often digital illustrators just “fill” with color which is fine, but I prefer to see the drawing undernieth)

  3. Cindy Dauer says:

    Both terrific, but I really dig the medusa! She is somehow adorable and scary! So much terrific linework, as usual!

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