Snake-charmer and Strongman.

Here are a few character sketches of circus workers I created and then colored in Photoshop.  My dad always had a love for the circus after they set up their big top in the fairground fields behind his childhood home.  During the Great Depression the circus brought color and entertainment to my father’s little hometown of Emporia, Kansas.  He tried to impart that love of the circus to me when I was very young, but I was scared of clowns and all the strange animal smells.

Opposition to the circus has become fashionable and is framed as protecting animal rights.  In decades past the circus was seen as an open and welcoming industry where anyone with a unique talent or skill was welcome regardless of age, race, and gender.  I’ll post a few more circus sketches, next time.  I’ll run away and join the circus!

circussnakecharmer circus strongman

2 thoughts on “Snake-charmer and Strongman.

  1. Nathan says:

    Great sketches of your circus characters. I like the 30s vibe to your performers, sort of Betty Boop and Popeye like. But why is Betty Boop torturing that poor snake, who must be on rattus to be so happy?! Great description too. Our obtrusive social/political enforcers have deemed this bit of Americana to be on their, “Wrong side of history.” Masquerading under the lamentable performance of champions of animal credulity and human exploitation, they have tried to relegate a fun pastime to the dustbin of history. I say, “Nihil; Vivat Circus!”

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